Gluten-Free Almond Cookies You Can Bake This Christmas

More people everyday are discovering they have celiac disease. The next step in dealing with a newly-discovered gluten intolerance is finding foods you can safely eat that do not contain gluten. Fortunately, with more attention on celiac disease today, more gluten-free food is available to buy in the stores and in restaurants. Just because you have a gluten intolerance, does not mean that you still can't enjoy some of your favorite foods, so here is a recipe for delicious gluten-free almond cookies that you can bake at home for Christmas. [Read More]

The Benefits Of Electronic Health Records When Working In Behavioral Health

Treatment for mental health conditions often involves trial and error with medications. With the use of electronic health records, it is easier for all providers to have immediate access to medications prescribed. This reduces the amount of medication mistakes that can occur when trying to treat complex behavioral health problems. Anti-Psychotic Medications Need Careful Monitoring Specifically in the case of patients that require the use of anti-psychotic medications, electronic health records are essential. [Read More]

Why You Should Not Wait To Get Your Next Tetanus Shot

Most people know that if they step on a rusty nail, they should go to a medical clinic to get a tetanus shot, but do you understand why this is? And, do you know that stepping on a rusty nail is not the only incident that requires this. If you get injured and have not had a tetanus shot recently, you may want to go to a clinic to get one. [Read More]

Doctor Owned And Operated: 3 Reasons Physician-Owned Hospitals Benefit Patients

After the Affordable Care Act of 2010 placed several restrictions on physician-owned hospitals, including bans on expansion and new construction, some doctors worried about how their hospitals would fare. However, despite these stumbling blocks, physician-owned hospitals have thrived in the last few years. And that's good news for patients seeking personalized, high-quality care. Read on to learn more about three ways in which physician-owned hospitals directly benefit patients. Flexibility [Read More]