Taking Care of an Ill Loved One

Family Counseling A Must For Your Withdrawn And Anti-Social Teen

If your teen has been acting out at school, or has been withdrawing from family and friends and it worries you, you should try family counseling. There are many ways you can benefit from going to counseling together as a family, because it allows you to see things from a different perspective.

There are problems that your teen could be facing now that can affect them long into the future if they aren't treated, and her are just a few of the benefits you may experience as a family when you do group and individual sessions.

Prevent Mental Health Problems

If your teen is starting to show signs of depression, bi-polar disorder and other mental health problems, it's important to get help to get these problems addressed. Developing these conditions at an early age can lead to a lifetime of mental health concerns, and you don't want your child to have anxiety or depression for a lifetime.

Mental health problems can lead to problems eating and sleeping, it can affect their academics and social life, and it can put a burden on your family.

Learn How to Cope

As a parent you may not know how to react to the way that your teen is feeling, and reacting angrily or disappointed could make the situation worse. Family counseling can help you learn what triggers anxiety or anger with your teen, and you learn how to deal with their current feelings or problems so you don't react wrongly. The counseling also lets the teen know what upsets you or worries you.


Communication is a problem for many families, especially for teenage children. If you can learn how to communicate with your teen so they feel respected, and without invading their privacy, it will be easier to find out what is going on in their life. Communicating in family counseling is a great way to get information out of your teen, and to help your teen feel at ease.

If you notice there is something wrong with your teenager and you aren't sure what it is, don't ignore their odd behavior. Encourage everyone to talk with a family counselor before the family starts to drift apart, and before there is no more communication. The counselor will give you exercises that you can do at home, and they may want to see some of the family members independently for more counseling and help.