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4 Things To Know About Getting Lasik Eye Surgery

Your eyes are your gateway to see the world.  It's important to maintain the health of your eyes as much as possible. If you can't see well, you may want to consider having Lasik eye surgery to help you improve your visions problem. Getting this medical treatment may immediately improve your vision and allow you to see up close and far away with ease. Knowing specific things about this surgery can better prepare you for what to expect.

Follow Pre-surgery Instructions

Your doctor may inform you of certain things you should and shouldn't do the week prior to the surgery. This may include not wearing mascara or eyeliner or eye shadow for women. You may be instructed to avoid wearing contacts for a certain amount of time and wear your glasses instead.

Additionally, you may be advised to avoid putting eye cream around your eye area and encouraged to avoid facial lotions for a certain amount of time.

Prepare for an Out-patient Procedure

Fortunately, getting Lasik eye surgery completed these days doesn't require you to stay in the hospital. You can have this procedure completed as an out-patient and in most cases you can return home a couple hours after the surgery.

There is only minor anesthesia that is given in the form of eye drops to minimize any pain or discomfort for the patient.

Lasik Eye Surgery is Quick

Don't get overly anxious about this surgery, because it is one of the quickest ones you may ever get. This process only takes 10 minutes for each eye and your eyes will be numbed by the eye drops used. This is one of reasons many people choose this option and the results of being able to see better immediately.

Get a Prescription

There may be some minor discomfort or pain immediately following the surgery. This is usually short-lived, but it is important to talk to your eye doctor about getting a prescription for pain medicine. Regardless if you need it or not, you will have it with you while you are trying to recover and this will avoid the need to have to drive to the pharmacy.

Finally, taking care of your eyes and getting proper treatment with Lasik eye surgery, through places such as California Eye Specialists Medical Group Inc., can have a huge impact on your overall quality of health. Be sure to schedule your appointment today if your vision has always been less than perfect to begin seeing better tomorrow!