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2 Reasons To Get Physical Therapy After A Car Accident

A car accident doesn't just wreak havoc on your car; it can also do a real job on your body. Even if you aren't seriously injured, just being in an accident is trauma to your body, and your muscles are going to ache, you may have a headache, and you may have a hard time moving because of the stiffness and the pain. You should probably see your doctor after an accident to make sure that you aren't injured more than you think that you are. Your doctor might suggest that you do some physical therapy after your accident for several reasons. 

Pain Relief

You might not think that moving would help with the pain because it hurts to move, but if you are up and moving, at least some, it can help get rid of the pain. When you move, there is more blood flow in your system, and your body absorbs more oxygen. That extra blood flow goes into the injured and sore places and helps to carry out the fluids causing inflammation. You may hate the idea of moving, but the longer you don't, the longer you will hurt, and the more you will lose the ability to move. When you go to physical therapy, your therapist will teach you exercises designed to help the affected area heal while causing the muscle groups around the injury to help support the injured area. Make sure to tell your PT about any movement that hurts really bad because physical therapy shouldn't hurt so much that you can't do it. 

Lower Risk of Surgery

Depending on what got injured in your accident, your doctor may suggest that you need to have surgery in the near future. The doctor may want to send you to physical therapy before you move to the surgical option. Doing physical therapy won't delay anything and can be very beneficial. If you have a torn muscle, ligament, or tendon, they can often heal themselves given time and some assistance. Physical therapy will provide that assistance because you will learn better body mechanics, stretches, and movements to help support the injured area. 

Being in a car accident can really damage your car. It can also damage your body. If you have been hurt in a car accident, see your doctor so that you can get treatment. They may suggest that you start car injury therapy to get feeling better.