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PRP Injections: Can It Help You Knee Feel Better?

If you're an older individual who struggles with chronic knee pain, your doctor may suggest you undergo surgery to repair it. But if surgery isn't an option for you, consider PRP stem cell therapy. PRP stem cell therapy heals old injuries and ailments with the use of plasma. Learn more about PRP therapy and how it can heal your chronic knee pain.

How Does PRP Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Your body heals itself naturally over time. However, some injuries and ailments can take a long time to heal, including damaged knee joints. Some injuries may not heal at all. Doctors and other professionals now use PRP stem cell therapy to heal chronic injuries. 

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, stem cell therapy uses a clear body fluid called plasma to heal wounds, injuries, and other ailments. Plasma contains special blood cells called platelets. Platelets accelerate the growth rate of injuries so that they heal quickly. Once the tissues heal or repair themselves, they stop hurting.

If you think PRP may work for you, consult a medical doctor today. 

How Do You Receive PRP Therapy?

A medical doctor will need to examine your knee before they administer platelet-rich plasma into your tissues. Physicians generally administer PRP cell therapy by injection. In order for the treatment to be successful, your outer skin must be intact and clean. If the skin on your knee is damaged, a doctor may treat it before they administer your PRP injections.

The number of injections you need to accelerate healing in your knee may depend on several things, including the location of the damaged tissues inside your knee and the age of your knee injury or ailment. For example, joints and other types of tissues may be more difficult to heal than other tissues may be. The tissues may require additional PRP treatments to increase or encourage healing in them.

The results of stem cell therapy may vary from adult to adult. Some individuals respond well to therapy immediately, while other people may need to receive treatments for a number of months before they experience better knee function. A doctor will monitor the healing rate of your knee throughout your therapy. If you require additional treatments or something else to improve your condition, a doctor will inform you.

Don't allow your ailing knee to keep you from living a healthy lifestyle. Consult a medical doctor today for more information about PRP stem cell therapy.