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Why It's So Important To Have Allergy Testing Done By A Doctor

Over the last few years, it seems like at-home options have emerged for all sorts of different medical treatments and tests. For example, you can find at-home allergy testing kits being sold on the internet. However, just because these kits are available does not mean it's a good idea to use them. It is far, far preferable to have allergy testing done in the doctor's office. Here are a few reasons why.

If you have a serious reaction, You will be within easy reach of care

If your allergy symptoms have been minor up until this point, then you might think it is safe to conduct an allergy test at home. However, allergy symptoms can become more severe at any time. If you conduct an allergy test at home and have a more serious reaction, such as going into anaphylactic shock or developing an asthma attack, it may be a while before an ambulance can take you in for emergency care. It's much safer to have allergy testing done at a doctor's office because if you do have a serious reaction, help will be there within seconds. 

Interpreting allergy test results is not as easy as you might hope

It's not always as simple as looking at your skin and knowing whether or not you're reacting to a certain allergen. Sometimes, your skin may act up just a little, and you might not be sure what that means. Or, your skin might have bumps but not redness, which can be confusing. Allergists are experts at reading the results of these tests. They'll be able to tell you with far more confidence what you're allergic to and how serious the allergy is.

You will be sent for further testing if needed

If you have an allergy test at your doctor's office and the test doesn't turn up anything, the doctor will know what additional tests to send you for. You may need another skin prick test or maybe blood tests. With at-home tests, there is no follow-up care of this sort. If the test isn't helpful, you may decide to just give up and move on. Unfortunately, this will not help with your allergies in any meaningful way.

While at-home allergy testing kits may initially sound convenient, they aren't a great choice for most patients. You're better off seeing your doctor for official testing and care. Contact a facility that offers allergy testing services to learn more.