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Six Things That Can Be Done At Health Screening Kiosks During A Pandemic

Incorporating a health screening kiosk into a community or business site is a good idea during the Covid-19 pandemic. There are numerous purposes health screening kiosks can serve when it comes to dealing with the pandemic and minimizing its impact on the community.

The following are six things that can be done at health screening kiosks to help fight against the pandemic. 

Testing the temperatures of individuals to detect fever

One of the most practical tasks that can be carried out at a health screening kiosk is a temperature check for every individual entering a site or facility. Those with elevated temperatures can be sent home so that they don't put others at risk of catching fever or Covid-19. 

Routine temperature checks reduce the chances that Covid-19 will be spread at a community or business site. 

Examining individuals for fever symptoms

In addition to checking temperatures, those staffing health screening kiosks can also check to see if individuals are exhibiting signs of fever such as cough, chills, or body aches. Individuals can be questioned to see if they have had any of these symptoms recently. 

Those who are exhibiting symptoms can be tested for Covid-19 or sent home until symptoms clear up. 

Testing individuals for Covid-19

Health screening kiosks can now include tests for Covid-19. Tests for Covid-19 are now readily available and can often offer rapid results. This is a great way to determine for sure if an individual has been infected and is contagious. 

Providing information about symptoms and treatment for Covid-19

Health care personnel who staff a health screening kiosk can provide information to individuals on preventing Covid-19 infections and getting treatment for infections if they occur. This is a great way to help keep the entire community more healthy and prevent Covid-19 deaths. 

Increasing the peace of mind of individuals who are frequenting a particular facility

If individuals visiting a site see a health screening kiosk, they will know that there is a lower chance that Covid-19 will spread at the site in question. This gives individuals more peace of mind and can help increase attendance at community and business events. 

Showing an organization's solidarity with those who are fighting to end the Covid-19 pandemic

These days, it's important to show solidarity with the community and demonstrate that you are doing your part to end the pandemic. A health screening kiosk is a great way to remind everyone of the importance of working together to get things back to normal.