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Everything You Need to Know About Same Day Medical Service

What are same-day medical services—and why do you need this healthcare option? According to the CDC, more than 84 percent of American adults visited a doctor's office in the last year. Before you accept a long wait time for your next doctor's appointment, take a look at what you need to know about same-day visits.

Does the Name Say It All?

Yes—same-day appointments are exactly what the name sounds like. Instead of waiting days or even weeks for your next medical visits, this type of service guarantees the doctor (or other medical providers) will see you on the same day you call.

Why Select a Same Day Option?

Time is the primary reason to choose this type of healthcare appointment. Whether you have a sudden injury, feel flu-ish, or have another issue that requires immediate (but not emergency) attention, a same-day appointment can get you back on track as soon as possible. This means you won't have to wait for a diagnosis or treatment.

How Are Same-Day Appointments Different from Emergency Services?

No—same-day office visits are not emergency services. If you're in extreme pain, have a serious injury, or have some types of medical issues such as chest pain, trouble breathing, an intense allergic reaction, loss of consciousness, heavy bleeding from an injury, or a high fever, you need emergency services.

Instead of a call to the doctor's office, either contact emergency services/local paramedics or go to the emergency room as soon as possible. But if you have a sore throat, congestion, a stomach ache, or another type of minor injury, schedule a same-day appointment for prompt treatment.

What Types of Medical Providers Offer Same-Day Visits? 

Doctor's offices and similar types of healthcare practices may offer a same-day appointment option. Some specialists may also provide patients with the option to schedule the same day they call. Whether you're searching for a new medical practice or you just want to know more about the doctor's office you already go to, ask the provider's scheduling staff if they offer same-day appointments.

How Can You Schedule a Same-Day Appointment?

The answer to this question depends on the practice. Some doctor's offices, healthcare clinics, and hospitals have an online scheduling tool. If the provider doesn't offer this option, you'll need to call the office to schedule an appointment. You may need to call before a specific time to get an appointment on the same day.