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Tips For Buying Products At A New CBD Shop

Having a CBD shop open in your town can be so exciting! You probably can't wait to visit and purchase some CBD products to try. Shopping at a CBD store can be really fun, but there are a couple of tips you'll benefit from following.

Check for THC content.

CBD products should not contain enough THC to get you high, but some do contain trace amounts that may register on a drug test. If you do not work at a job where you are drug tested, then you may not care about consuming trace amounts of THC. However, if this is something that you care about, then you need to check labels carefully before buying CBD products. Anything labeled "full-spectrum" may contain traces of THC, and full-spectrum contain all of the cannabinoids in hemp. Some products may also list that they contain 0.05% THC, or 0.1% THC specifically. If you absolutely do not want to take in any THC whatsoever, make sure you buy CBD products that state "THC-free" or "0.0% THC" on the label.

Be open to topical products.

Oil has long been the traditional way to consume CBD. And edibles, like gummies, have also become really common over the past few years. While these are all good choices, don't walk past the topicals aisle either. This aisle is expanding in most CBD stores, and it tends to contain all sorts of fun products like CBD lip balm, CBD lotion, and CBD bubble bath. CBD is absorbed through the skin, so these products are nice ways to get your dose while enjoying some additional benefits.

Pay attention to dose.

If you have used CBD before, you should have an idea of the dose you need to get your preferred effects. Pay attention when buying additional products to ensure they are the correct dosage. 

If you have not used CBD before, then err on the side of buying lower-dose products at first. You can always, for example, take two 10 mg gummies, but it's hard to split a 100 mg gummy into 10 pieces. As time goes on and you get a better idea of the dose you need, then you can start buying higher-dose products if you like.

Visiting a new CBD shop is always a great experience. And if you adhere to the tips above, you'll come home with products that allow you to continue that great experience.