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Three Tips For Opiate Addiction

Addiction to opiates can grip you and change your life in the most negative ways. There are so many opiates out right now that people are addicted to, and people are becoming addicted left and right. Taking steps for recovery can help you loosen the grip on opiate addiction. These tips will help you help yourself.

1. Take the first step of knowing that you need help

Every addiction method known to man depends on you taking the first step -- knowing that you have a problem. One sign of opiate addiction is found right on the bottle. When you read the dosage instructions and see that you are taking more, and perhaps a lot more, than suggested, then this is a sign that the addiction might be getting you down. When you have extreme swings of euphoria, chronic constipation, insomnia, and feelings of isolation while taking opiates, you might also be addicted. You can speak to an addiction counselor to get an opinion and to begin the process of recovering.

2. Talk to your doctor and get a prescription for suboxone

You will need to talk to your physician to start getting tangible help with your addiction. Suboxone is a prescription drug that people use to counteract opiate addiction. The doctor will assess your addiction and put you on a regimen to overcome it by using suboxone. Like other medicines, suboxone comes with some side effects. Some of the side effects of Suboxone are back pain, blurry vision, cotton mouth, and nausea. Once you begin taking it, you will need to keep taking Suboxone until you complete the cycle. With that said, neve take it without a current prescription from your doctor, who will give you guidance the whole way.

3. Take your medicine and get other help for moving past your opiate addiction

You can start to feel the effects of Suboxone once your opiate cravings start to subside. This is the first step in giving you breathing room so you can further move past your opiate addiction. Start to do other things to help with your addiction as well. Exercising and using your gym membership will help you with your addiction and also let you build new and healthy habits. Go to your addiction recovery meetings as well to keep finding new strategies and support.

These three tips above will help you with your opiate addiction issues.