Taking Care of an Ill Loved One

Tips For Choosing Proper Care For Your Aging Parents

If one or both of your parents have reached a point where they are unable to take care of themselves or each other, it's common to think of moving them in with you. But what do you do when you live far away and you're unable to relocate? Ensuring that aging or ill parents are properly taken care of requires a little forethought and some planning. Here are a few tips to guide you through deciding which path to take and how to ensure that your loved ones are safe.

Consider A Retirement Home

If your parents aren't particularly attached to their home, or they need around-the-clock support and care, you may want to consider a senior living facility. Many of these facilities have full-time care available, which means your parent can have a sense of independence with the necessary safety net of someone to turn to for support.

You'll want to make a trip out to visit your parents when making this decision. That way, you can tour a few assisted living facilities together. These tours are important because they allow you both to see what the property is like. You can evaluate the care and conditions, and your parents will see what they can expect and meet some of the residents.

As you evaluate the properties, look for one that offers the balance of services that meet your parents' needs. Whether they need full-on care or they just want to have someone they can call when they need it, make sure that the facility you choose provides as close to this as possible. You should also ask about what kinds of transportation is available for excursions, and request to attend a meal time so you can be sure the food quality is good.

Hire An In-Home Care Provider

If your parents prefer to stay in their own home and they're able to handle some tasks for themselves, you can strike a balance by hiring an in-home caregiver and then making some security and safety modifications to the house.

You may want to make a trip out to ensure that the modifications are done right because the goal is to reduce the risk of falls and ensure that your parents can cook safely. Remember that bathrooms and stairs are common places for falls and injuries. Add handrails where you can, minimize the need for the stairs, and place a shower seat in the bathroom.

If the caregiver doesn't offer cleaning services, hire a service to clean the home regularly. Twice a week will ensure that there's no grease or other buildup on the floors that could cause slips. You can also ensure added safety by purchasing an emergency services call device that your loved one can carry with them, such as on a necklace. That way, if something happens, it will notify emergency services and their caregiver. To learn more, visit a website like http://www.inyourhomecares.com/ .