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5 Important Tips for Staying Healthy as the Temperatures Drop

In the fall months, changing conditions outside can put strain on patient health. Cold temperatures can lead to a variety of issues like stiffened or weakened muscles, joint pain, and viral infections. 

Fortunately, there are a few pointers patients can keep in mind to prevent dropping temperatures from having adverse health effects. The following are five helpful tips for staying healthy as the temperatures drop:

Stock up on warm clothing and dress appropriately

Temperatures can fluctuate significantly from day to day in the mid to late fall. You need to dress appropriately. Ideally, dress in layers when temperatures are changing frequently so that you can stay comfortable.

Above all, bundle up against the cold and pay attention to the weather report if you live in an area that is particularly prone to cold spells and blizzards.

Eat a diet that's rich in nutrients & take vitamin C supplements

Eating a healthy diet is important for maintaining a strong immune system. Cold weather can challenge the immune system and leave the body more susceptible to infection. 

Not only should you concentrate on eating healthy as winter approaches, but you may want to consider a vitamin C supplement. Vitamin C is perhaps the most important nutrient when it comes to strengthening the immune system and can easily be taken as a supplement to prevent wintertime sniffles. 

Keep up your exercise regime 

Like a healthy diet and adequate sleep, exercise is also important in boosting the health of your immune system. Exercise also helps you keep your weight under control.

If you typically exercise outside, make sure you bundle up while you're exercising in the late fall and winter months. If possible, try to find an enjoyable exercise you can take part in indoors at a gym. 

Maintain your routine despite changing daylight hours

Daylight hours become significantly reduced as the wintertime gets underway. However, you shouldn't let this shake up your routine. Try to keep approximately the same work, leisure, sleep hours and make sure you get enough sleep every night. Changes to your routine and a lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your immune system, so avoid changing things too much. 

Get a flu shot to improve your immunity

A flu shot can allow you to avoid the inconvenience of an annoying cold all winter long. You can get vaccinated in the fall to protect yourself during flu season and stay immune to common flu strains. Contact local urgent care centers to learn more.