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When Should Adults Get Hearing Checks?

It's a well-known fact that people can experience hearing loss as they age, as a result of this it is a good idea for adults to get a hearing test regularly. In fact, it becomes even more important, as hearing loss is a problem that predominantly affects older populations.

For general health, an annual physical comprehensive check up is required. However, from the age of 18 until the age of 50, a hearing test should be done every three to five years. It is recommended that at the age of 60 years, an adult should take another hearing test. After the 60 years of age baseline hearing test, hearing tests should be conducted every two to three years.

A hearing test is also called audiometric test. It is part of an ear examination that assesses how well an individual is able to hear using different sounds, and this will help determine if there is a hearing problem. Other tests to diagnose hearing loss can include a physical exam, general screening tests, and tuning fork tests. Hearing is affected when sounds do not reach the inner ear. There are various factors that can cause a hearing problem, among which are:

  • Aging

  • Accident that result in head injury

  • Loud noise

  • Heredity

  • Some illness or medications

  • Some occupational hazards

A very important determinant of when an adult should get hearing checks is also when some signs become obvious or observed. Unfortunately, some of these signs only manifest after the hearing loss is at an advanced stage, they are:  

  • When conversation becomes difficult to follow or people need to repeat themselves when conversing with you.

  • When people around complain that you listen to electronics devices (television, radio etc.} at a higher volume than the average individual.

  • Muffled sounds

  • Not being able to hear consonants

  • Ringing, whizzing or buzzing sounds

When people age, the tiny hairs or hair nerves may become damaged or change. In some cases, the hair nerves or cells die off due to degenerative issues or sensory loss. Whatever the case may be, adults should ensure routine checks and see a professional as soon as they observe something wrong with their hearing. Seeing a doctor early may save a person from permanent hearing loss. There are so many hearing aids and assistance types available, so there is no need to be hesitant in having hearing checks in order to improve your overall health.