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4 Tips For Making Allergy Season Easier On Your Eyes

Allergy season can be a dreadful time of year if you have moderate to severe seasonal allergies. One frequent frustration is the irritation that occurs to your eyes. There are ways to minimize eye irritation and prevent exacerbating problems.

Gently Wash Around Your Eyes

During allergy season, you may want to change how you wash your face. Instead of using your typical face wash for your eyelids and around your eyes, use a small amount of baby shampoo. Since this type of shampoo should not burn if some enters your eyes, it is the ideal formulation to gently wash your eyelids, eyelashes, and around the perimeter of your eyes. Paying special attention to washing around your eyes can help remove allergens, dead skin, and other small particles that may become caught in your eyelashes and add to irritation.

Keep Your Eyes Protected

If you are a contact lens wearer, there are benefits to wearing eyeglasses during allergy season. First, eyeglasses can act as a buffer between your eyes and allergens in the environment. Additionally, when your eyes become irritated, it is seemingly impossible to remove your contacts. If you must wear contacts or simply feel more comfortable in them, keep a pair of sunglasses on when you are outside. Ideally, choose sunglasses with frames that fit closely against your face to give you the most protection. Fashion eyeglasses with clear, non-prescription lenses, can also serve the same purpose.

Moisturize Your Eyes

Adding moisture directly to your eyes can reduce dryness and irritation during allergy season. If you wear contacts, you must pay special attention to the eye drops you use, because many require you to remove your contacts and wait several minutes before re-inserting them. You can speak with your eye doctor about eye drops that can be safely used without removing your contacts, so it is more convenient. Another method to keep your eyes moisturized is to add moisture back into the air. Use a personal humidifier at home and in your office, if possible, to reduce eye irritation. The addition of moisture to your eyes and to the surrounding environment can offset some of the drying effects of antihistamines.

Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

When your eyes feel itchy or irritated, it is tempting to rub them. Unfortunately, the action of rubbing your eyes could possibly make matters worse if there is an eyelash or other foreign material inside. If possible, try rinsing your eye with water to see if it helps. A damp paper towel can be soothing if the irritation occurs around the perimeter of your eye or to minimize the appearance of flakiness around your eyes during allergy season.

Knowing how to protect your eyes during allergy season can make this time of year less daunting. Minimizing your exposure to allergens can reduce dryness and irritation. To learn more, speak with an eyecare specialist like those represented at http://www.absolutevisioncare.com.