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Starting Your Day Right: 3 Morning Routines That Will Combat Depression

Even if everything may be going right, you can still suffer from depression. Depression is becoming a major issue in America, affecting roughly 20 million people each year. If you're sick of feeling hopeless, helpless and down, it's time to become your own savior. While there are plenty of self help books out there, most professionals recommend taking action to start your day right, as it can have profound effects on your struggle with depression, and your ability to conquer the day. Here are 3 morning routines that have been known to make a difference.

Eat a Healthy, Balanced Breakfast

The type of nutrition that you are getting will have a huge influence on brain chemistry and mental health. Specific foods, like nut and legumes, contain essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that could reduce the risk of depression. If you're not sure which foods are most nutritious, stick with eating eggs, sprouted-grain toast and smashed avocados for breakfast.

Open the Blinds and Curtains of Each and Every Room

Let natural sunlight penetrate into your home and enjoy basking in the sun whenever possible by making it a habit to open all of the blinds and curtains in your home each and every morning. Avoid staying in dark rooms. Exposure to the different wavelengths and colors of natural light can have a positive effect on your circadian rhythm, mood, melatonin production, and more. This, in turn, will help ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. Natural lighting will also make you feel more productive and energized as well.

Go for a Quick Jog

Before you commit to any chores or tasks, go for a quick jog every morning. You don't have to complete any strenuous type of exercise, as a quick job around the block will be more than enough to cause your body to produce and release feel-good brain chemicals that will keep depression at bay. If you don't want to head outside due to poor weather, you can even try doing some minor exercises, like lifting weights, inside the house.


Don't let depression take over your entire day. Tackle symptoms of depression each and every morning by committing to several different morning routines that work for your lifestyle and your schedule. While you might not see the effects immediately, these morning routines will help ease symptoms of depression in a noticeable way with time. It will also make managing depression a much simpler task.