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How To Change Your Lifestyle To Make Egg Donation Simpler

Egg donations mean that you will be giving the gift of a child to a couple that may not be able to have one. Couples that have issues with infertility or male couples who need egg donors to produce a child are looking for individuals who can help make their dreams come true. Egg donations will mean that you have to go through a number of tests, procedures, and remain on certain medications. This can mean dedicating several months or more of your life to the process. Here are some ways to make donating eggs easier on your body and lifestyle. 

Research your own family medical background

When selecting egg donors, clinics and families want to know as much medical history and background about the donor as possible. Order all of your medical records to make sure that you are completely healthy and that you know your complete history. Ask your parents or your extended family about any diseases, mental illness, and fertility or genetic issues that may be in the family line. This information can help you and the egg donation center when putting together your profile. 

Make sure you are not trying to conceive and not breastfeeding 

Egg donations are allowed after you have had a baby, but are often not allowed if you are still breastfeeding, due to the hormones that you will have to take. As an egg donor, it is important to understand that the hormonal levels will be primed for you to ovulate and for eggs to be retrieved at a certain time. You should level off these hormones before you try to conceive personally. You should also not be breastfeeding due to the hormones and how breastfeeding can cause hormonal changes that may interfere with the donation. 

Clear out more free time

When you are planning to go through the egg donation process, you should be willing to put as much time dedication into the donation as if you were conceiving or carrying a child of your own. You will have to go to the clinic for check-ups and medication, you will have to receive ultrasounds to determine how your uterus is responding, and more. You will also need to have time to rest in the event that the hormones cause you to become tired or more fatigued than usual. Prepare a light schedule for several months if you are interested in egg donation.