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Essential Strength Training Exercises Featuring Exercise Balls For The New Mom After A C-Section

Whether your Caesarean Section was a planned or emergency procedure, it is important to remember that you had many muscles, connective tissues, fat cells and the uterus itself cut through to deliver your child. While some moms who experienced vaginal deliveries have been able to start light exercises like walking and stretching soon after childbirth, your doctor is much more likely to forbid it until your six-week checkup and you may need to see a physical therapist if the muscles don't heal as they should. Even when you are given the green light to start exercising again, it is best to start slowly and gradually increase your activities for up to a year after the surgery to allow your body to heal entirely. Fortunately, the following examples of strength training movements using exercise balls will help you get your body and strength back after the major surgery that brought your baby into the world.

Wall Squats For Your Back, Abdomen And Arms

Wall squats are an ideal exercise to get back to because they can work a wide variety of muscles and they are easy to do for just a few minutes at a time as you get stronger. You can start by standing against a wall, with your feet and arms about the same distance apart. You should be holding a small or medium-sized exercise ball, while sucking in your stomach and keeping your back straight. Slowly squat to the ground, so that your rear end extends.

Ideally, you will be doing this fifteen or twenty times, in two sets. Please remember that discomfort is expected but pain is not, so let your body tell you what it is and is not ready to do. More challenging squats for longer periods of time or with heavier balls are unlikely to be safe for you for a while, so check with your doctor before advancing to those.

Place Your Legs Against A Large Ball To Improve Your Pelvic Strength

Since your pelvic area was damaged, it is often the first area of concern. One way to improve your pelvic strength is to lie flat on the floor, allowing your legs to brace against a ball. You can similarly brace the ball against the wall to keep it from moving and then lift your abdomen up, while keeping your back as straight as you can.

Try to hold that position for five seconds and repeat as you can tolerate. If you cannot hold it for the full five seconds or you find that you can only do a few of these exercises at first, that is okay. That can be one of your first strength training goals.

In conclusion, a Caesarean Section is a common procedure and it is essential to allow your body to heal from it before starting any new exercise plan. If you have recently had this surgical procedure, it is a good idea to try the above exercises for strength training when your doctor has said that it is safe for you to return to a healthy exercise plan.