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You Could Be Impairing Your Preschooler By Ignoring Their Vision Problem

If you feel like your preschooler is falling behind developmentally, it's important to make sure there isn't a problem with their vision. Up to 10 percent of preschool aged children may have vision problems, and catching and correcting the issue right away is going to be the key to dealing with it and helping your child.

There are a few signs that you may think are caused by other conditions, or that you think are just part of being a child, that actually indicate there is a vision issue. See if any of the following are problems your child struggles with.

Your Child Doesn't Sit Still

It's normal for your child to want to run around, be exploratory and be a kid, but if they will never sit still to watch a movie or listen to a story like other kids, it may be because they can't see well. If your child never focuses on anything for too long, or they aren't interested in things that are visually attractive, you want to get their eyes checked. They may not see things properly, causing them to be distracted easily, and preventing them from wanting to engage.

Learning Deficiencies are Present

Is your child missing the milestones that are needed for them to go to kindergarten? Are they not recognizing shapes and letters, or are they having a hard time distinguishing patterns and other things? This may not be because they aren't capable, but instead because their vision isn't allowing them to see letters, numbers, or definitive shapes properly. You want to get this fixed before they fall further behind.

Coordination Concerns

Does your child have a hard time kicking a ball or catching a ball, or they often fall short when they try to step up the stairs? These are issues that may be occurring because their depth perception isn't accurate, and they may need corrective lenses to help with the problems.

If your child needs glasses to see, you want to make sure they are prepared before they enter kindergarten. About 80 percent of things that are taught in the classroom are done so visually, so you have to make sure your child isn't missing out, and that they are ready to learn at the best of their ability. Schedule your child for a vision test with an eye specialist, like Envision Eyecare - Dr. Erika Duggan and Dr. Marilyn Lehrner, to see if your child would benefit from wearing glasses, and to verify if they have a vision impairment.