Taking Care of an Ill Loved One

Seven Important Features To Look For In A Pediatric Hospital Bed

If your child is convalescing at home and requires the use of a hospital bed, there are several aspects to consider. Your child's safety and comfort are important, as he or she becomes acclimated to the new configuration. For this reason, the height of a pediatric hospital bed should be low enough to prevent falls. A locking system, LCD monitor with battery backup, a nightlight and antimicrobial bedding are other features to look for.

What Matters Most

Rest is essential to your child's recovery. Choosing a pediatric bed that is comfortable, secure and child-friendly will help ensure your little one is getting the undisturbed rest he or she needs. Look for these seven important features to ensure you're making the best choice:

1. Adjustable Height

The height of the hospital bed should be determined by your child's age and height. This is why it's crucial for the pediatric hospital bed to adjust to your child's specific needs. If the bed is too high your child may become frightened or risk a dangerous fall.

For toddlers and young children, the bed should be at the lowest possible height. In addition, guardrails and handrails are essential to prevent falls.

2. Secure Locking System

The pediatric bed should have a locking system that prevents the bed from rolling. This is especially important if the bed is placed on wood, laminate or tiled floors. The wheels should always be in the locked position, unless you need to relocate the bed to another area.

3. LCD Monitor

The monitor is helpful in determining changes with your pediatric patient. Some models have a built-in scale with a digital readout on the display. This allows you to monitor your child's weight. Also, look for an alarm that signals you to weight changes.

4. Battery Backup

Battery backup is helpful, as it ensures the operation of all functions in the event of a power outage. Also look for an indicator that informs you when the battery needs to be recharged.

5. Under-the-Bed Nightlight

The soft illumination of a safety light provides comfort to young children. As your child becomes mobile, this is an important safety feature to use. The light should automatically become engaged as it detects when your child exits the bed.

6. Antimicrobial Protection

An antibacterial mattress and bed deck will inhibit the growth of bacteria, as well as prevent the spread of infection.

7. Remote Control

This option is helpful for a child who is capable of working a hand-held device. Look for functions that control the bed's setting, such as reclining up or down. Head and foot controls should be included on the buttons. The controller may also lock the position as desired. 

Whether you rent or purchase the hospital bed outright, take the time to ensure it meets safety standards and your child's needs. Lincoln Mobility is a local medical equipment dealer you can contact with questions.