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Four Simple Cosmetic Dental Procedures That You Won't Have To Go Under The Knife For

Cosmetic dentistry goes much deeper than just dental implants. There are several other options if your smile is just a little crooked or your white are just a little off color. From bleaching to bonding, there is something for everyone when it comes to getting that perfect smile. Below is a list of the most common and simple procedures that a dentist, such as New Image Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, can do to make your smile bright and beautiful.


If your teeth are straight but your smile still leaves something to be desired, then a simple bleaching will work for you. Discoloration of your teeth occurs from too much coffee or cigarettes. It could also be passed down to you through your genetic make-up or just be a sign that you are getting older. When your teeth are discolored, you may be more hesitant to smile out of embarrassment. Dentists will use bleaching in order to get your teeth back to being as white as they were before.


In order to get misshaped teeth to look normal and natural, dentists use caps or crowns to restore their appearance. A ceramic or porcelain fake tooth will be placed over your natural one and it will leave your teeth looking straight and perfect. Out of the many other cosmetic dental procedures, crowns last the longest. This procedure, however, also takes the longest.


Tooth contouring fixes a multitude of dental problems. If your teeth are crooked, chipped or overlapping, your dentist can alter the shape, position or length of them. If you suffer from an over or under bite, then tooth contouring will be the procedure that will most benefit you.


Tooth bonding is the method of placing enamel colored material over your teeth in order to fill large gaps. Bonding can also be used for a tooth colored filling in the event of major cavities. Unlike dental crowns, the material that is used for bonding is not as durable and can chip or become stained just like your natural teeth. With proper care, however, your bonding can last for several years.

You don't have to go through cosmetic surgery in order to get your perfect smile. Sometimes, all it takes is a few hours in your dentist's chair to get your teeth looking whiter, healthier and straighter. Before you decide to get dental implants, consider one of the methods listed above and see if any of them can get you on your way to those pearly whites you've always wanted.